School Bus Sabah

We Provide School Bus Rental At Kota Kinabalu, Tawau, Sandakan And Lahad Datu.

School Bus Sabah

We Provide School Bus Rental At Kota Kinabalu, Tawau, Sandakan And Lahad Datu.

Peanut Butter and Jam

Each day, millions of students all over the world ride the school bus to school. This phenomenon is global and Malaysia is no exception. In Sabah, the average commute for adults to send their school children to school is 25 minutes one way. This provided that the amount of traffic congestion is not too serious or it will easily use up more than an hour just to send your children to school and get back home. This leave so many parents with no choice but to skip the bread and jam on the breakfast table to join the traffic jam on the road.

A Good Start

Every year, surveys had shown that getting stuck in a traffic jam is the biggest cause of everyday stress. We all know how stress negatively impacts an adult’s mental health. Having to do something unpleasant and tense early in the morning could really lead to a bad start. Not only will it affect your mood and mindset for the rest of the day, but negativity is said to be easy to spread around, whether directly or indirecty. It might even affect how you treat your kids and we know how every parent wish for nothing less than a good start every day for their child especially in school.

The Great Convenience

School bus services that shoulder the responsibility of transporting children to school, camp, tuition centres, sports event, educational activities and other related occasion are a huge relief for all. Parents receive most of its benefit by getting back the extra hours wasted on the road. Children who ride the bus are exposed to new learning experience and eventually, will learn how to be street savvy. Other road users will be thankful for lesser vehicles on the road during peak hours. School bus services are indeed a modern convenience enjoyed by parents universally regardless of the state of residency.

Choose The Best, Forget The Rest.

Bus Charter Malaysia aims to provide the safest, most dependable, convenient and cost effective school bus transportation services to our communities in Sabah. We are truly a customer-focused professional transportation services that has buses operating all over Sabah, the land below the wind. Our staff of certified drivers are trained in effective student management and adopting the principles of defensive driving. They are even competent to handle emergency situation and provide transport assistance to children with special needs. Be assured that we deliver our services to support education and in accordance with standard school board policies.

Contact Us For The Best Service

Our busing route in Kota Kinabalu and other parts of Sabah will reach all types and levels of schools from kindergarten up to college and university. Bus Charter Malaysia is indeed a good news to all as we are ambitious to reach out to everyone in need no matter which town they reside in. Don’t be shy, just email or call our friendly staff to customize the service you need today.

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