School Bus Penang

We Provide School Bus Rental At George Town, Bayan Lepas, Bukit Mertajam, Butterworth And Gelugor.

School Bus Penang

We Provide School Bus Rental At George Town, Bayan Lepas, Bukit Mertajam, Butterworth And Gelugor.

Penang, Jewel of The Tropics

Penang is an exceedingly desirable place to call home. Thanks to its urban planning and socio-economic advancements, working and living in Penang embrace the modern comforts in the vibrancy of a metropolitan city. Jobs and opportunities are plentiful with Penang being a hub of global economic activity. Manufacturing is the biggest industry in the state, which takes up much of the land in Seberang Perai while banking and tourism are the two major industries on the island.

No More Morning Moan

The variability of work hours comes with diverse types of jobs and also with employment with foreign companies that follow working hours in their respective time zones. Quite a big part of the workforce in among Penangites is assigned to irregular work schedules, rotating or on-call work shift times. This leave many people no choice but to get their much-needed sleep in the morning or afternoon or just any time when they are not working. If these working adults happen to be parents, they will no doubt, loathe morning drop-off of their school children.

Getting Adequate Sleep

We know that you have an exhausting night shift. We know that you burn the midnight oil for your business. We understand that not everyone is a morning person. When they said that the early bird gets the worm, it also means the early worm will get eaten. Disrupting a much-needed sleep will have very nasty consequences, often leaving one feeling tired and moody for the rest of the day. What if you can go back to your dreamland and there is someone reliable to shoulder the responsibility to transport your child to school safely?

Choosing That Someone

The drivers in Bus Charter Malaysia have expert driving skill, great manners and moral travelling etiquette. They adhere closely to the school student’s code of conduct when travelling between home and school. More importantly, they have a big heart to serve young people. You can expect our drivers to be friendly, courteous, caring and highly responsible in their job. They are even trained to handle emergency situation and provide assistance to people with special needs. Our specialized drivers provide nothing short of an excellent school bus services in Penang state which emphasizes on safety, comfort and punctuality.

Safety Is Our Strength

It is true that proficient drivers are the core of our service but we also put a lot of attention on the vehicles we use. All our school buses are serviced regularly and maintained in the best mechanical condition at all time. We do not compromise on the safety of our clients. Hence, we go all out every day with multiple checking, cautious driving and a structured busing system to ensure every single trip provided for your precious child is safe, comfortable and on time.


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Bus Charter Malaysia provide daily pick up and drop off bus service to any school, learning centres, sport events, camp, tuition and other educational activities in Penang. Search no further, ring us up to customize the route and routine for your child today.

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