School Bus Kuala Lumpur

We Provide School Bus Rental At Petaling Jaya, Rawang, Kajang, Klang, Shah Alam, Sepang and Subang.

School Bus Kuala Lumpur

We Provide School Bus Rental At Petaling Jaya, Rawang, Kajang, Klang, Shah Alam, Sepang and Subang.

Schooling For All

Back in the old days when our parents were younger, school buses are almost unheard of. This is not surprising given education were not prioritized at that time. Children were often dropped out of school to help their family to work and earn money. Fast forward one or two generations, education become extremely vital and important in the eye of the public. Everyone started to realize how an educated individual can achieve success and contribute better to society and to the nation. Therefore, as responsible parents, it is common to go all out to get the finest formal education for their children.

Marvellous Modern Convenience 

School buses are modern convenience for parents today to ensure their children attend lesson, classes, tuition and other educational activities without fail. A reliable school bus service not only perform the task of picking up and sending young students to their designated location at scheduled time but also put the parents mind at ease. This incredible handiness can even provide a good exposure and experience for children to embark on socialization with other children. Plus, you as the parent will have the free time without the burden of worrying to work on other things.

KL- Home To Education

Kuala Lumpur, as the capital city of Malaysia houses countless educational institutions from preschool to university. With so many foreign expats working and living in Kuala Lumpur city, it is not surprising to know that there are almost 30 international schools established to educate over 15,000 students. However, the highest in number is government type primary and secondary schools. Most of the schools in the city centre are located in areas of high traffic congestion. It is a huge time-waster bracing through traffic jam to fetch you children to and from school every single day.

Making The Wise Choice

Letting your school children ride the school bus could be one of your smartest decision ever. Choosing our company, Bus Charter Malaysia is another wise decision. We have been operating school buses to serve students from all kind of schools and educational related events in Kuala Lumpur. From Bukit Jalil Sports School to SMK Convent Bukit Nanas to Tsun Jin High School to just any school your child is enrolled in, we are dedicated in being part of the journey.

Let Us Chauffeur Your Children

The backbone of Bus Charter Malaysia is a staff of dedicated professional drivers who are keen and passionate to work with young people. They are even certified to provide transport assistance to students with special needs or specific medical condition. They are trained to provide such critical services in order to ensure all students indiscriminate of their physical condition are able to attend school regularly.  In our company, we care for each of our little client.

Contact Us To Use Our Service

Our school bus service emphasizes on comfort, safety and punctuality. Your child will be excited to hop on our new buses to travel to school and also back home. Engage with our friendly staff today to discuss on rate, route and routine of your beloved child.

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